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The costs of extra-pair mating

Jørgen S. Søraker, Jamie Dunning

Published: 2023-11-28
Subjects: Life Sciences

Extra-pair behaviours, where individuals copulate outside of an established pair bond, resulting in extra-pair paternity (EPP) of offspring, have long intrigued behavioural ecologists. Of particular interest is why females of otherwise socially monogamous species engage in extra-pair behaviours. Although researchers recognise that the drivers of variation in EPP, both within-species and [...]

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Leandro Do Nascimento, Cristian Pérez-Granados, Janderson B. Rodrigues Alencar, et al.

Published: 2023-11-28
Subjects: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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Signal space overlap in sympatric drongos (Aves: Dicruridae) and spatial segregation in a South Asian tropical rainforest

Sutirtha Lahiri, Bablu Sonowal

Published: 2023-11-28
Subjects: Life Sciences

A diverse array of animals use a multidimensional acoustic space as a primary source of communication, especially in habitats where other signals are limited. However, in complex habitats, species must contend with other co-occurring species to send their message in a backdrop of ambient noise. This is exacerbated in closely related species that occur in sympatry, and we do not know how species [...]

Opinion: Missing half the picture, focus on stony corals during bleaching events has left critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of reef-scale bleaching and recovery

Rosemary Kate Steinberg

Published: 2023-11-28
Subjects: Biodiversity, Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Life Sciences, Marine Biology, Other Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Honest Signalling Made Simple

Jacob Chisausky, Carl Bergstrom, Kevin Zollman, et al.

Published: 2023-11-24
Subjects: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Evolution, Life Sciences

Honest communication is a common phenomenon in animal behaviour, and is frequently explained by appeal to the so-called handicap hypothesis by which signal costs deter dishonesty. However, the handicap models commonly used to explain honest signalling have has been subject to several lines of criticism in recent literature. This trend may have led researchers outside of the field of animal [...]

The gene’s-eye view of culture: vehicles, not replicators

Nicolas Baumard, Léo Fitouchi, Jean-Baptiste André, et al.

Published: 2023-11-24
Subjects: Behavior and Ethology, Biological and Physical Anthropology, Social and Cultural Anthropology

Measuring biological generality in meta-analysis: a pluralistic approach to heterogeneity quantification and stratification

Yefeng Yang, Daniel W.A. Noble, Rebecca Spake, et al.

Published: 2023-11-24
Subjects: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Statistics and Probability

Uncovering general rules enhances the predictive capabilities in ecology and evolution. Meta-analytic approaches play a critical role in this endeavour, examining the extent to which phenomena can be replicated, generalized, and transferred. However, ecologists and evolutionary biologists have largely overlooked the role of meta-analytic heterogeneity in informing generality. To reform this [...]

DNA metabarcoding as a tool for detecting and characterising the spatio-temporal distribution of planktonic larvae in the phylum Echinodermata

Ilha Byrne, Cynthia Riginos, Dean Brookes, et al.

Published: 2023-11-22
Subjects: Life Sciences

Metabarcoding is revolutionising the analysis of biodiversity in marine ecosystems, especially as it provides a means of detecting and identifying cryptic life-stages in field samples. The planktonic larval stage of many species underpins the abundance and distribution of adult populations but is challenging to characterise given the small size of larvae and diffuse distributions in pelagic [...]

Amazonian soundscapes: unravelling the secrets of insect acoustic niches in diverse habitats

Leandro Do Nascimento, Cristian Pérez-Granados, Janderson B. Rodrigues Alencar, et al.

Published: 2023-11-22
Subjects: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Insects are the most diverse animal taxon on Earth and play a key role in ecosystem functioning. However, they are often neglected from biodiversity surveys due to the difficulties of monitoring this small and hyper-diverse taxon. With technological advancements in biomonitoring and analytical methods, these shortcomings may finally be addressed. Here, we performed passive acoustic monitoring at [...]

Fuentes para el Estudio de la historia de extracción, consumo y comercio de tres especies de aves venezolanas amenazadas

José Rafael Ferrer-Paris

Published: 2023-11-22
Subjects: Agricultural and Resource Economics, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources and Conservation

El comercio y uso de vida silvestre es un problema complejo que se ve afectado por la dinámica temporal y geográfica de las redes de comercio y tráfico que estimulan la extracción y consumo de recursos. Para estudiar la historia de valoración, consumo y tráfico de la cotorra cabeciamarilla (Amazona barbadensis), el cardenalito (Sporagra cucullata) y el paují copete de piedra (Pauxi pauxi) [...]

Local and regional processes drive distance decay in structure in a spatial multilayer plant-pollinator network

Agustin Vitali, Maya Goldstein, Matan Markfeld, et al.

Published: 2023-11-21
Subjects: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Life Sciences

Understanding spatial variation in species distribution and community structure is at the core of biogeography and community ecology. Nevertheless, the effect of distance on metacommunity structure remains little studied. We use plant-pollinator network data from the Canary Islands to examine how plant-pollinator community structure changes across geographical distances at a regional scale and [...]

Covariance reaction norms: A flexible approach to estimating continuous environmental effects on quantitative genetic and phenotypic (co)variances

Jordan Scott Martin

Published: 2023-11-21
Subjects: Behavior and Ethology, Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Evolution, Genetics, Integrative Biology, Life Sciences, Population Biology, Research Methods in Life Sciences, Zoology

Estimating quantitative genetic and phenotypic (co)variances plays a crucial role in investigating key evolutionary ecological phenomena, such as developmental integration, life history tradeoffs, and niche specialization, as well as in describing selection and predicting multivariate evolution in the wild. While most studies assume (co)variances are fixed over short timescales, environmental [...]

Global Distribution of Vascular Epiphyte Diversity

Nora M Cavanaugh, Amy E Zanne, William K Cornwell

Published: 2023-11-20
Subjects: Life Sciences

Epiphytes are a large and understudied part of global diversity. Classic work by Gentry and Dodson argued that Neotropical, mid-elevation forests are centers of diversity for this growth form. We assessed this hypothesis with modern global geospatial and climatic datasets. By connecting growth form and occurrence data with climatic records at the same locations, we quantified spatial and climatic [...]

Sex-specific associations between social behaviour, its predictability and fitness in a wild lizard

Barbara Agathe Class, Kasha Strickland, Dominique Potvin, et al.

Published: 2023-11-20
Subjects: Behavior and Ethology

Social environments impose a number of constraints on individuals’ behaviour. These constraints have been hypothesized to generate behavioural variation among individuals, social responsiveness, and within-individual behavioural consistency (also termed ‘predictability’). In particular, the social niche hypothesis posits that higher levels of competition associated with higher population density [...]

The sugar kelp Saccharina latissima II: Recent Advances in farming and applications

Maren Sather, Nora Diehl, Cátia Monteiro, et al.

Published: 2023-11-20
Subjects: Biology, Life Sciences

The sugar kelp Saccharina latissima has received intense scientific attention over the last decades. In recent years, interest in cultivation of the species has strongly increased in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Eastern Pacific Ocean, driven by the great potential of S. latissima to be utilised for various industrial applications, including food, feed, and biomaterials. Accordingly, current [...]


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