Conceptual Models regarding Internal and External Dynamics and Their Interaction in Biological Phenomena

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Y Nishida


Much research has been done on the evolutionary processes and general properties of life from the fields of systems biology, mathematical biology, and evolutionary biology. Life is a system in which micro and macro are coordinated and subsystems are organized to maintain metabolism and function. Life also has systems that maintain homeostasis within the body. Life adapts to time and space, responds to change, and exchanges information. In addition, the evolutionary processes and mechanisms of living systems are attempted to be elucidated from the perspective of chaos theory. Life phenomena are said to be systems that resist the law of increasing entropy by acquiring energy from the environment and generating entropy. Thus, life is a complex process in which information, energy, material interactions, dynamic systems, and environmental changes are variables. This study proposes and discusses several hypotheses that explain and generalize these mechanisms and processes. This study considers the relationship between diffusion and convergence, temporal continuity, selection and adaptability, adaptive time and space micro and macro, temporal stagnation and spatial expansion, universal properties, edges of chaos, and entropy in life phenomena. Moreover, We propose several novel hypotheses on the stochastic distribution of genomic information, its interaction with space-time probability space, and evolutionary processes in the dynamism of life phenomena, and discuss their relationship with probability statistics, fractal geometry, and chaos theory.



Life Sciences


Life System, evolution, genome information, Probability distribution, organizing


Published: 2024-01-26 01:31

Last Updated: 2024-02-05 12:37

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