Reporting guidelines for terrestrial respirometry: Building openness, transparency of metabolic and evaporative water loss data

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Nicholas C. Wu , Lesley Ann Alton, Rafael P Bovo, Nicholas Carey, Shannon E Currie, John R B Lighton, Andrew E McKechnie, Patrice Pottier , Giulia Rossi, Craig R White, Danielle Levesque


Respirometry is an important procedure for understanding whole-animal energy and water balance. Consequently, the growing number of studies using respirometry over the last decade warrants reliable reporting and data sharing for effective research synthesis and dissemination. We provide a checklist guideline on five key areas to facilitate the transparency and reproducibly of respirometry studies: 1) materials, set up, plumbing, 2) subject conditions/maintenance, 3) measurement conditions, 4) data processing, and 5) data reporting and statistics, each with explanations and example studies. Transparency in reporting and data availability has benefits on multiple fronts. Authors can use this checklist in the designing and reporting their study, and reviewers and editors can use the checklist to assess reporting quality in the manuscripts they review. Improved standards for reporting will enhance the value of primary studies and will greatly facilitate the ability to carry out higher quality research syntheses to address ecological and evolutionary theories, and provide reliable evidence-based information for political actions in the face of global change.



Animal Experimentation and Research, Comparative and Evolutionary Physiology, Integrative Biology, Life Sciences


research design, open science, energy metabolism, flow-through, indirect calorimetry, comparative physiology


Published: 2024-02-20 00:11

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