Landscape changes in the “valli da pesca” of the Venice lagoon and possible effects on the Ecosystem Services supply

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Alice Stocco, Lorenzo Duprè, Fabio Pranovi


Coastal lagoons have long been subject to continuous changes caused by mutual interactions with human activities. Monitoring such changes becomes critical, particularly when modifications in landscape and land cover classes can affect their capacity to ensure Ecosystem Services (ESs). In the Venice lagoon, some confined areas called “valli da pesca” supply provisioning ESs, namely aquaculture and hunting, but also other ESs that are important for the entire lagoon, such as regulating and cultural ones. Being heavily modified ecosystems under human control, valli da pesca underwent considerable morphological evolution depending on the maximized ES and the applied management. Using remote sensing data from different sources, we reconstructed changes in land cover and landscape elements in valli da pesca over the last century. By calculating landscape indicators related to land, saltmarshes, and water, we found that landscape features were initially similar for all the valli da pesca. Then, a process began between 1975 and 1987, in which management devoted to maximizing different ESs shaped the land cover in specific patterns. This study confirms the importance of these areas in the context of the entire lagoon and require for monitoring their land cover changes. Remote sensing data represent an important source of historical data to deepen the knowledge about human-Nature interactions, for keeping trace not only of the landscape evolution but also of the dynamics in the ESs supply in response to human interventions.



Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Studies, Natural Resources and Conservation, Nature and Society Relations, Other Environmental Sciences, Remote Sensing, Sustainability, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology


Ecosystem Services, landscape, land cover changes, landscape indicators, Venice lagoon, managed ecosystems, Valli da pesca, Remote Sensing, Landscape, Land Cover Changes, landscape indicators, Venice lagoon, managed ecosystems, Valli da pesca, remote sensing


Published: 2023-06-21 16:59

Last Updated: 2023-12-23 08:31

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