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Coining one currency for nature

Joseph Millard

Published: 2023-07-02
Subjects: Arts and Humanities, Business, Life Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Collective humanity is at a critical juncture. Despite our efforts to set targets and goals, biodiversity and climate are both changing rapidly, pushing us towards a biosphere our species has not known. To solve this problem, one view is that we need transformational change of the economic paradigm, but that might be more ideal than pragmatic. A new idea could be that we take inspiration from the [...]

Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Addressing the Grand Challenges through Radical Change and Open Innovation.

Valery Chistov, Sunita Tanwar, C.S. Yadav

Published: 2021-12-03
Subjects: Business, Technology and Innovation

Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation are essential tools in the transition towards a more fair, healthy, and sustainable society. This chapter gives an overview of the two decades of research on the topic and discusses the current state of its application. It shows that the current literature lacks a more profound theoretical and practical investigation. Nevertheless, these gaps may be [...]

Open Eco-innovation. The New Form of Cooperation for Sustainable Future.

Valery Chistov, Sunita Tanwar, C.S. Yadav

Published: 2021-11-30
Subjects: Business, Technology and Innovation

This chapter is dedicated to the concept of Open Eco-innovation - an emerging form of cooperation for sustainable development, particularly for environmental sustainability. Our society currently faces a number of environmental challenges that cannot be solved individually and require a collaborative approach. One of the ways to harness the power of collaboration and access the external resources [...]

An Optical Scattering Based Cost-Effective Approach Towards Quantitative Assessment Of Turbidity And Particle Size Estimation In Drinking Water Using Image Analysis

Soumendra Singh, Animesh Halder, Amrita Banerjee, et al.

Published: 2020-09-23
Subjects: Business, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Life Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences

Contaminated water consumption primarily for drinking purposes is the cause of approximately 502,000 global deaths every year mostly in economically challenging countries indicating the need for a cheap, easy to use a yet robust and scientifically proven method for determination of water quality. In this work, we have characterized the water quality utilizing the principles of optical scattering [...]

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