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Long-term trends in seasonality and abundance of three key zooplankters in the upper San Francisco Estuary

Samuel M. Bashevkin, Christina E. Burdi, Rosemary Hartman, et al.

Published: 2022-03-02
Subjects: Animal Sciences, Aquaculture and Fisheries Life Sciences, Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Life Sciences, Population Biology, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology, Zoology

Zooplankton provide critical food for threatened and endangered fish species in the San Francisco Estuary (estuary). Reduced food supply has been implicated in the Pelagic Organism Decline of the early 2000s and further changes in zooplankton abundance, seasonality, and distribution may continue to threaten declining fishes. While we have a wealth of monitoring data, we know little about the [...]

Spearing into the future: a global review of marine recreational spearfishing

Valerio Sbragaglia, Robert Arlinghaus, Daniel T. Blumstein, et al.

Published: 2021-11-23
Subjects: Animal Sciences, Aquaculture and Fisheries Life Sciences, Life Sciences

Spearfishing is practiced by a small fraction of younger recreational fishers and has received considerably less scientific attention than angling. This knowledge gap may negatively affect the ability for developing sustainable marine recreational fisheries. We address this through a global systematic review of the literature pertaining to marine spearfishing (both recreational and otherwise) and [...]

Post-release exploration and diel activity of hatchery, wild and crossbred strain brown trout in semi-natural streams

Nico Alioravainen, Jenni M. Prokkola, Alexandre Lemopoulos, et al.

Published: 2019-12-11
Subjects: Animal Sciences, Aquaculture and Fisheries Life Sciences, Behavior and Ethology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Life Sciences

Behaviours that are adaptive in captivity may be maladaptive in the wild and hence compromise after-release survival of hatchery fish. Understanding behavioural differences displayed straight after the release could help improving hatchery protocols and developing behavioural tests for assessing the fitness of fish reared for releases. We characterized the post-release behaviour in two [...]

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