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Individualisation and Individualised Science: Integrating Disciplinary Perspectives

Marie I. Kaiser, Anton Killin, Annette K. F. Malsch, et al.

Published: 2023-05-05
Subjects: Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Economics, Medical Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Health, Sociology

Recent trends in a range of scientific fields have seen a shift towards research and methods concerning individual differences and individualisation. This article brings together various scientific disciplines—ecology, evolution, and animal behaviour; medicine and psychiatry; public health and sport/exercise science; sociology; psychology; economics and management—and conceptually integrates [...]

Living Through Multispecies Societies: Approaching the Microbiome with Imanishi Kinji

Layna Droz, Romaric Jannel, Christoph Rupprecht

Published: 2022-06-12
Subjects: Arts and Humanities, Other Philosophy, Philosophy

Recent research about the microbiome points to a picture in which we, humans, are living through nature, and nature itself is living in us. Our bodies are hosting – and depend on – the multiple species that constitute human microbiota. This article will discuss current research on the microbiome through the ideas of Japanese ecologist Imanishi Kinji (1902-1992). First, some of Imanishi’s key [...]

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